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Well if you hadn’t heard, there’s been a real buzz  of excitement this week in with a TV debut appearance!   Channel 78 (freeview) The Sewing Quarter 

Youtube catch link  here!   NOT that comfortable watching it myself, it’s quite an outer body experience and yep think it true ..the camera does put pounds on .. I know i have put weight on this last few months but holy mackerel if there is anything to kick start a new diet its this 🙂 there’s a few mistakes I picked up on ( not telling haha)  through the nerves and umms and errs that make me blush. 

As part of my appearance(s) yes did two slots in one show! for my first slot they had me make and demo this lovely tote bag Butterick 5658

Man I was super super nervous, but John and the production/floor team made me feel really supported and gave me lots of encouragement. 

My second slot was easy, talked about  the overlocker they said …do you need a sewing machine too to pad the time out? !!!!  ( chuckle) cows coming home springs to mind on that one. Definitely felt more comfortable by this time and with the subject too, in fact I felt quite proud when John  seemed genuinely impressed with my cornering techniques and oooh someone posted in to the show to say “best explanation regarding differential feed” whoooooo.

And today..flip today I feel totally washed out -think the emotional roller coaster of last weeks prep, nerves and then the adrenaline roll has all caught up with me ( old gal)  overall I did enjoy it and t’boot it couldn’t of been that bad …they’ve asked my back ! so stay tuned for my next appearance Sunday 4th June! 

Had few comments on the dresses – these will be back for a new posting recovery – the first dress can’t be blogged just yet but was made out of this scrummy Cygnet Returns cotton spandex viscose  anyhow as it is a new launch the pattern details will have to wait – the second is a super quick easy make in this dramatic Rosetta scuba fabric. 

There we have it a quick update on a TV debut. Thanks for stopping by,  leave a message below about on this post or anything you’d like to see for future posts in the future . xx