You know that feeling when you should’ve got in touch, but didn’t …then the longer it goes on, the harder it is to make contact…! nothing to worry about though, cus you just pick up where you left off ….hmmmm Well I’m  hoping that blogging will be a bit like meeting up with that Ol bestie 

It’s been a big fat ridiculous 20 odd months since I last blogged, but I guessed there was little or no point bleating on about the amount of times I tried to get back to it, busy life style, the lack of time rah-rah rah. The long and short of it is, that I HAVE still been sewing and plenty, it just that I took a massive gamble… dived straight in, with a triple back flip splosh and went and set up a sewing school/fabric shop!!!!!! The Sewcial Studio….. WHAAAAAAAAA think I must’ve had one of those mid-life thingy..bang on the head moments… but totally loving the whole experience!! (big cheesy grin)

During this period of abstinence, I’ve managed to keep a roaming eye out on lots of the lovely makes going on out there and picked up some amazing new blogs to follow and believe me there really are some real corkers out there, so thank you my fellow bloggers for keeping the home fires burning. 

In fear of turning this post into the world’s record- for the longest blog post, I’m going to try to give you a squished, condensed  rendition of the journey so far, along with some of my favourite makes during the time. It all started with taking voluntary redundancy after 17 yrs in Further Education and without a shred of a clue what to do; I found myself setting-up a sewing area in the corner of a craft centre, which allowed  as they say the waters to be tested.  Seven months later, I got a big kick in the nether regions followed by a huge dollop of  encouragement and the biggest  B ever put into BELIEF you could ever imagine,  by my now business partner Simon (fill you in about this fab guy over the coming posts); and there began the journey as we took on new premises at 80 Watling St in Sept 15.








Since then it been a massive learning journey of building stocks and spreading the love of this wonderful world of sewing that we all know and love so much.- hopefully that covers 2years in a nutshell! now for the sewing bits – Obviously I can’t and wouldn’t show you every make!!! death by overload   





I’ve chosen this lot as some of my favourites first up was a wedding outfit. V8766  a great versatile pattern, made straight from the packet – In true style I’d left it far too late in starting this make and was still hemming the skirt 30mins before we were due at the church!It always amazes me just how much a circular skirt can drop and this one did not disappoint, a whopping 4 inches in places ! I was especially pleased with the belt, a chiffon ribbon and jeweled motif. It just seemed to finish off the dress for this occasion but have worn since without.  The fabric I used was a grey polyester satin lining and a great drapey grey polka dot chiffon  overlay.

                                         Vogue 8766

Think this next one has to be up there as one of my utmost favourites, a purple John Kaldor Pont Roma evening dress – made originally for a Sewcial Studio Christmas meal out -where the rules made by the sewers themselves, ‘you had to wear/take something you’d made,’  this was great fun as some sewers had not long started and it was a fabulously proud moment for us to see all these ladies gathered together wearing/showcasing items made  at the Studio. 

Pics were taken on a second wearing out  at a local Business Award evening where we had been nominated for best new start up business ! – we didn’t win but a great experience. Overall this is quite an easy make, essentially you make it twice as it is double lined so feels well structured when wearing it. 









Next up for showing are a few of my Tilly Button makes, I’m sure you’ll recognise the majority of them; you just can’t help loving her patterns great basics, with lovely details and super super easy. We often hold workshops on her patterns as they are so ideal as starter projects. 

                                                            Agnes and Delphine

Who doesn’t love and own a Coco!



This Francoise dress just makes me happy, thinks it’s the gorgeous deep french darts that help to make it so flattering. This version was made in this purple heart stretch cotton which helps holds its shape perfectly and feels super quirky.

I did find that the back is exceptionally roomy on this pattern though! the first time I made this up, it was in a Ponte Roma so I knew the back zip could be lost along with a couple of inches. With this version I still needed to take out a whooping  4inches from the centre back seam but kept the zipper . Anybody else found this?

We were exhibiting at a local Cars in the Park event and wanted a retro 60’s vibe. To top the look Simon managed to find me the white boots, however,   when they arrived they were a size too big, think they belonged to a drag queen!


I feel that it’s my responsibility to test patterns and fabrics that come into the Studio so I can review and advise! my excuse and I’m sticking to it lol x

This next quartet may-be familiar, as they are all from Sew Over it- I have done the trousers and Ultimate shift dress but for some reason have no pics!  So the Ultimate wrap dress– A great make, although a tad short the pattern gives the impression on the front illustration that there are two length options but not the case, so for a second make I did lengthen by 3 inches ( i’m 5ft 10″) fabric is cotton viscose jersey wave on wave   The edge facing are fairly narrow and could possibly flip up so to overcome that a row of stitching was applied around the edge of the facing which  made a top stitch feature.  


The Vintage Shirt is awesome I first made this last summer as a sleeveless version and always fancied a more winter/autumn look, so one Friday afternoon inspiration struck with this linen viscose blend ( like sewing butter) It’s a Lady McElroy fabric which ooozes elegance  and I challenged myself to see how long it would take to sew up, and to keep the inspiration flowing ( pressure on) I went on a live stream through the Facebook page in a trio of videos … a little longer spaced out than planned due to customer popping into the  studio to buy and see how I was getting on!it was mad but real giggle and enjoyed the the interaction, which has given me a nudge towards perhaps a vlog?.. hmm not sure let me know if you think I should 

It was cold at the time of photos- can you tell ! added bonus of this boiled wool coat made up from a vintage pattern given to me

Any SOI wardrobe would not be complete without a Betty – straight from the packet due to the usual lateness in preparation and planning for the Sewcial Christmas get together saw the creation of this lace Betty- don’t you just adore the feel of a circle skirt—ooooo swoon.





There have been may more SOI makes over and I’m sure there will be more to come as they so have the knack of getting a modern vintage twist in their designs.  Just like this Doris I made ( below) for my significant B’day celebrations earlier this year in another McElroy beaut   I also cant wait to have a go at the new Eve dress not log released. 


I sure do hope I’m not boring the pants off you just yet- but in case the blahhhhh is setting in, here a roundup of some of my most recent makes, which let’s face it,  always take the lead on the favourite stakes. hahah 

Interestingly each of these makes I wasn’t too sure about once made up as they are somewhat different to my usual style ( not sure what my style is but is seems to be on the change for sure). But it goes to prove that sometimes we should experiment and try new styles, as you never can tell, you just might like the outcome once given a chance. 

Closet Case Files Ebony Dress in AGF jersey

Vogue 9067 in Crepe spandex Oh and a photo bomb by an Ultimate pencil skirt!















Well there you have it, a whistle stop tour covering a miniscule atom of the sewing makes that have taken place since this new chapter has begun. With a brief look into the shape of the Sewcial Studio- keep posted for updates of further ongoing makes and shenanigans .

Colette Moneta Dress 1 of 3 made !

Megan Nielsen – Briar and Axel