If you follow me on IG or FB you will have seen that I recently had a weekend trip to New York. YES a weekend..how very decedent!

The event..reason..excuse, was to meet up with my sister who lives out in Canada. We’ve come to the conclusion that now families are growing up, we’ve earnt some big girl time and  New York just happened to be half way and fitted the bill nicely!  HAha

Of course Moods just had to be on the itinerary list, although sis doesn’t sew, she does appreciate beautiful fabric and prints and made some purchases for my niece who does sew ….shame she left them on the shuttle bus at airport though!!!! 

Can you tell I was excited! seriously the garment area in midtown is a fabric haven we saw the most exquisite trims, buttons which were all backed up with  the sound effects of  mad oooo’s , aahhhhh’ and the odd splutter at the beaded chiffons $400 p/m + !!  

With such an exciting trip planned I needed to make something to equal. Ticking all the boxes was Vogue 9112  the Marci Tilton cirque dress. This pattern must have been in  my stash for a couple of years, easilys. It always made me pause when I rooting through the pattern tubs for inspiration, musing over the intriguing curved and interlocking panels, its elegant collar and overall general quirkiness.

With New York 2 days away, the weather looking to be HOT, I wanted to make sure I packed clothes that would be fitting for city life either day or night. This Linen blend was perfect in every way. 

I cut and made up the medium. I can’t begin to tell you how easy this pattern is to put together,  not perhaps it’s first impression, with all those curves. So long as you put all of the notches in,  this little gem clicks together quicker than those a flat pack ‘Golden Arch’ fast food chain stores are erected. 

Modifications – once the main shell (everything barr the collar) was together I did a quick fitting check, it felt a bit big through the back ( I generally do need a narrow back adjustment) so took approximately a 3/4 inch seam down the centre back seam grading out towards the bottom horizontal panel intersected. The collar was recut to take the same amount out from the centre back. I also double lined the collar so that the inner side of the fabric and hem would be concealed.

It ticks all boxes for ease comfort style, and have worn it lots since I’ve been back.  Depending on the fabric used i really think this can be dressed up or down for most occasions winning  1st place as a real wardrobe staple. after using the linen blend, I can see a soft chambray/denim coming up next.


Do you have “a” pattern(s) that you hover over, time and again, fantasise its reality then flick on by?  

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