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I’ve been on the pattern testers list with Jennifer Lauren for a while now and was lucky enough in making the shortlist for the Gable top and Ivy pinafore dress (you have to be uber quick when the e-mail arrives as places are scooped up in a flash) so when the  confirmation mail  pinged up for the Laneway, I was well made-up! 

Whilst soaking up the instructions, which by the way are incredibly comprehensive – all fully relevant, interesting and reassuring; the peripheral brain was dancing around possible fabrics to make this up in  (does your brain do this when you see a new pattern?) 

I plumped for this cotton viscose with spandex ..yes spandex! beautifully soft and drapey, awww don’t you just adore those cygnets.   

Originally, I planned to make in a white linen with a cotton lace overlay, which I still think would be quite beautiful, but perhaps limit its wearability (this fabric has been assigned for separates now- new post soon)  

So what can be said about the Laneway-well  just as the descriptor states- it’s an easy to wear A-line silhouette, that has the potential to be an everyday staple or a special occasion frock depending on the fabric choice.

The original pattern was sent with that distinct asymmetric feature collar; the final pattern tweak now offers two further options, a centred or no-collar, making this a super win pattern. The secret to this is that neck facing uses less than a FQ of fabric, what  great way to use up them leftovers in your stash! 

The bodice has double waist pleats, making for a super flattering look especially since the pattern comes with variable cup sizes B through to D Yeah no FBA’s required.  

Unfortunately for pattern designers, getting patterns to print can  IS unbelievably expensive so PDF is the alternative option. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of PDF’s – preparing/tracing or cutting a pattern is a blahh process! but sticking pages together before this process…..It’s gotta be a real special pattern!

 Other features of this pattern include – set in sleeves, flattering V dip in back  and the all important pockets. 

I’d signed up for testing a size 14 D cup, but hesitated over a 14C or a 12 D,  then I didn’t want to throw Jen’s testing so stuck to the original plan. I never like to make to many deviations when testing incase it skews any feedback that could be useful in the final pattern formating.  

I felt the back may-be a tiny bit roomy, but then I do generally make a narrow back adjustment plus the spandex in the fabric also gives slightly more wearing ease, a consideration for future makes.  

Sew to Nitty gritty – construction – well it’s super easy… really, all the notches match up perfectly. The split collar gives little hassle especially following the detailed instructions. I did end up getting a couple of tucks in the inset sleeve but put this down to sewing late at night tiered (never recommended) and rushing, as I wanted to wear it for my TV debut on the Sewing Channel!  

A final touch was to bind the waist seam allowance with some cream bias, for no other reason but prettiness. 

So don’t hesitate about this pattern it’s grand to wear. The pockets sit flat and there’s a lovely amount of comfort to be able to wear this all day – nad still do stuff! 



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